Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching, Stamford CT with Robin Ordan Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

As your Executive Coach, we will work together so that you can clearly and confidently assess and embrace your business challenges in a thoughtful systematic manor.  Coaching accelerates your learning and helps you perform to your greatest potential.  I will encourage you to be creative in your thinking about your business challenges as they present themselves.  This on-the-job, real-time process allows you to master new skills and experiment with new styles of leadership while receiving time sensitive feedback.  This Executive Coaching model creates meaningful and sustained change for you both professionally and personally.

Coaching is not therapy or a quick-fix.  It is a proven leadership development process that accelerates learning, increases self-awareness, and enhances communication skills.

Coaching unlike leadership training where you gather off-site to learn for a day or a week, focuses on the environment where you need to lead. Coaching engages learning where learning and challenges happen, in your work environment.  This encourages you to apply your new skills, experiment with new techniques and gather feedback in real time.

Our sessions will be individualized to your needs.  They can take place in-person, via video conference or telephone. 

Coaching requires you to be inquisitive and curious about yourself and your impact on others.  You will be asked to explore your leadership style and identify areas you would like to improve.  The Coaching Process can include requesting input from colleagues, subordinates and managers.

You and I will work together to reflect on your past performance, your areas of greatest success and strength, recurring challenges and conflicts, your personal mission statement, patterns of interaction and more to obtain a comprehensive and well informed perspective.  Equipped with our comprehensive perspective I am able to facilitate your exploration of new behaviors and approaches so you can attain the sustained changes you identify.

My more than 25 years of experience as a family therapist, entrepreneur, small business owner and Coach in Stamford CT, provides me with a unique skill set and perspective to facilitate the professional changes you identify.  I bring my years of clinical experience, my vast knowledge of group dynamics, and expertise in facilitating the development of effective communication to you and your business endeavors.

The Benefits of Executive Coaching:

  • Enhance Effective Management and Leadership
  • Improve Interpersonal Relationships and Communication
  • Create Successful Negotiations and Collaborations
  • Maintain Commitment as You Face Challenges
  • Achieve Meaningful, Tangible Results
  • Create Lasting Change
  • Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of Problems
  • Attain a Clear Vision of Your Goals
  • Master Skills Needed to Make Changes
  • Solve Complex Problems
  • Set a Clear Agenda
  • Reach Goals More Efficiently
  • Lead to Inspire Others
  • Be Accountable to Your Coach
  • Maximize Your Personal and Professional Potential

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Through my work with Robin, I’ve been able to establish deeper relationships with those around me while becoming a more effective communicator at both work and at home.
– Darren K. – Senior Vice President | Investment Analyst; National Financial Services Company