Life Coaching

Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching  - Robin Ordan Coaching

People seek life coaching for a myriad of reasons but common themes are when they feel stuck, are overwhelmed, need support and/or are seeking better focus or a different perspective. Whether you are a parent, professional, married, single, new to the workforce or on the verge of retirement, here are some of the ways life coaching can help you: 

Are you stuck in complicated relationships and want strategies to navigate them with more ease and success? 
Having greater satisfaction in the important relationships in your life often requires taking a new and different approach.  With life coaching you’ll learn effective communication strategies and techniques, and acquire the skills to hold healthy boundaries and learn how to actively listen are all methods that will enhance your relationships.  

Frustrated that you are spinning your wheels and can’t get anything done?
Seeing your goals or life dreams come to fruition is always easier with support and accountability. As your Life Coach I will supportively, humorously and realistically establish a structure and plan with you.I am here to remind you of the deep values that inspired this plan. I am here to encourage and support you, to cheer you on to continue the journey you began as well as the importance of it. 

Do you seek inspiration to maximize your personal and professional potential?
As your Life Coach, I am your sincere, enthusiastic and committed motivational catalyst to help you find your courage to do what you know you need to do even in the face of uncertainty. We’ll discover your deep values, align those values with your goals, find clarity and create a vision and plan for your best self. 

Here’s how Life Coaching works:

It’s a partnership between you and me. You define the problem areas to be worked on; I use my special knowledge and experience to help you make the changes you want to make. Coaching requires your very active involvement. It requires your best efforts to vision, imagine, commit and be excited about changing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to obtain your goals.

Benefits of Life Coaching:

  • Improve Interpersonal Relationships and Communication
  • Enhance Effective Leadership
  • Achieve Meaningful, Tangible Results
  • Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of Problems
  • Solve Complex Problems
  • Reach Goals More Efficiently

Our coaching experience will result in your feeling powerful! You will be clear and committed to your life direction. You will be fueled and driven by a deep connection to your values. Feeling in command of your life and the course you are pursuing will ground you in confidence. You will be motivated to be proactively responsible and accountable to yourself in pursuit of your goals and vision of the life you always wanted. 

Are you ready to create lasting change? 

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Robin’s style is direct and inspired profound internal reflection. I walked through her door shrunken from the weight of what I was carrying, and when it was time, I flew free with a proverbial skip in my step, and a posture of courage, and strength. Her words of wisdom provided me with the tools to thrive during moments that would have previously leveled me. And her ability to assist me in creating a plan, and path to attain goals helped me to find an organization that matched the new and improved version of myself.
– Maria R. – Business Development Specialist; Regional Healthcare Organization